Monday, February 16, 2009

Status King Protested by ShirtMouth

Not everyone likes to laugh with Status King, as exemplified by the blog ShirtMouth. This blog explains itself: "Shirtmouth is the garment deconstructionist, straight from the horse's mouth." And he does like to deconstruct. He thinks about funny facebook statuses on t-shirts and calls it "a dumb idea."

THEN...he creates a shirt: "Juan is: feeling dissappointed [sic] and alienated from the world and is waiting for a collective societal collapse, and all because he read an article re: Status king: wear your wit."

Juan, or Shirtmouth, we think you should put your paragraph onto a status tee. Instead of "wear your wit," make a "protest on your chest."

Your status tee is what YOU make it.

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