Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Status King on Stuart Conover

Thanks go out to Stuart Conover for mentioning Status King in his blog. His article is primarily focused on a company that makes Twitters onto t-shirts, but he mentions Status King too.
He says, "Here’s the thing, do we really need to be able to convert our tweets to shirts? Apparently TWItoShirt thinks so! OK I’ll be honest. I really am just jealous with my past work on shirt printing that I didn’t come up with the idea myself. While cashing in on a social networking site is nothing new the sheer amount of customization you can have on a shirt just from tweets is a great idea and you can’t help but applaud their creativity on making these. Sure it’s been done for Facebook (see: Status King,) it just seems like something would be more embraced by the Twitter and blogging communities."

Click here for the complete post.

We agree with Conover--the sheer amount of customization you can have on a shirt IS a great idea (we also know where this Twitter t-shirt company got their idea, and we feel complimented by them, since copying is the highest form of flattery).

Click here to see how unique and customized a Status Tee can be.

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