Monday, February 9, 2009

Status King on Mashable and more...

Mashable is a blog that tries to be the first to report on upcoming trends. Adam Ostrow really got it right this time when he wrote an article on Status King. This article "Get Facebook Status Updates on T-Shirts" has been linked all over the place and was on the top ten Mashable articles of the week list. Ostrow even created a t-shirt for himself saying, "Adam is ready for the weekend."
Here is a second Mashable article, by Pete Cashmore, that refers (at the end) to the first one. A TechWeb blog article, by yudhi, picked up the Cashmore article. Both of them ended with the words, "Tumblr users are known to post many images, and are experienced with adding scripts to their sites. And with services now offering to print your Facebook status on a t-shirt, turning Tumblelogs into T-shirt stores doesn’t sound that far-fetched." Also picked up by Kwink.

It's amazing how one article can lead to another and another---influencing over a thousand people in a few hours to take a look at Status King. So begins an avalanche.

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