Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Status King on Food For Thought

Blake the Megalomaniac, on Food For Thought, doesn't like a lot of things about Facebook, but he recommends and enjoys the facebook application Status King.

He says, "Digging deeper into the Status King, it seems like a novel idea. Download the application (thus giving them access to your personal information), use your sharp wit to create an enlightening facebook status, and either get your friends to rig the voting for you or win honestly thus crowning you the Status King and allowing you to get a free T-shirt with your status like the one pictured above. You know we here at FFT love free T-Shirts but if you don’t think you can win, that’s all right too, because you can just upload a status and buy your shirt for $18."

For the rest of the article "Status King," click here.

Thank you Blake The Megalomaniac, we bask in your praise, and wish you the best in the Status King contest.

Blake urges you to vote for his funny status submissions. We'll leave that decision up to you, but you can click here to see the current Status King contest.

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