Monday, February 9, 2009

Paper Girl Productions Loves Status King

Belle Perez blogs at Paper Girl Productions. She did a popular series of Facebook statuses, and so Jeffrey asked her to take a look at Status King. She loved it, wrote it up, and we gave her a free shirt because we liked it so much!

Here's what Perez said, "So this is where the fantastic fun begins! What is Status King you ask? It is a creative Facebook application that was developed and launched by a family of 6 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 parents and a bevy of spouses and children. Created during vacation brainstorming about business, politics and family goals. I mean come on, who doesn't love vacation!

It's like the King of the Hill game but for your Facebook status. Every 48 hours, a new Status King is crowned. I want a crown! If you get crowned as Status King you get a FREE T-shirt. Take a look at today's top 10 statuses here. Think you should be King? Then add the application and start playing!

Status King is easy to navigate and you can't miss where you need to Make Your Own Shirt. I was able to create my own painlessly and as you see I may really be Rainbow Brite. Of course you may be sidetracked by all the new facebook status ideas and if you fall off your chair no worries, I did the same thing laughing.

So join in the fun for Clever is King. Status King that is.

Meanwhile......Belle Perez is Rainbow Brite.

For the ones who have missed my Status Idea Series when the creativity has fallen into a coffee cup, be sure to check them out below. If you use them at Status King and are crowned Status King, I would LOVE to know!"

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