Thursday, February 26, 2009

Status King Called Crazy-Smart on Mindpark

Thank you Daniel of Mindpark for calling Status King "crazy smart," at least that's how your Swedish article translated out in English. Click here for the rest of his article, "Digital Reality Creates Business Opportunity."

This post was linked on Jaiku by Joakim Jardenberg.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stuart Conover Focuses On Status King

Stuart Conover says this about Status King, "Photo of status update and what your status message at the time is. Simple. Stylish. Perfect!"
Click here to read the rest of his article "Status King: Showing Off Your Facebook Statuses To The Real World."

Thanks Stuart for your blog, we're glad you like the idea of status update t-shirts too!

Click here to see the top 25 funniest facebook statuses of all time. Once there, if you click on the red "Create T-Shirt Here" button, you can make your own status tee!

Enjoy your laughs!

Tazzahall Wears a Status Tee Around Town

Tazzahall from wore her Status Tee around town. She says, "I wore my shirt out on the town on a shopping venture and can confirm that if you want to feel like the centre of attention, this needs to be part of your ensemble. I had a number of people on the high street trying to subtly look at my genius status which resulted in more guys turning their heads to look at me than I’d ever had before. Result!"

We're glad you enjoyed your Status Tee! Click here for the rest of her post "Facebook Attire: Wear Your Status."

To check out the T-Shirt Creator on Status King, Click Here (and then on the red Create T-Shirt Button).

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Andrew reviews Status King on T-Shirts

Andrew at Rantings, Ravings and Writings discusses Status King in his post "Would You Wear a Status Update?"
He asks, "What do you want your clothes to say about you? Well, now you can take chance out of the equation." Click here for rest of his post.

Here's a shirt he made:

Thank you Andrew for the post!

Click here if you want to make a shirt yourself or if you want to read the top 25 funniest facebook statuses of all time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Nigel Blogs for Status King Votes

"Vote for me on Status King," says Nigel on his blog "Building a drain to house the insane." To see his post (and view the funny facebook status he's drumming up votes for) click here.

Good luck to you Nigel! Click here to view Nigel's status among the Status King competition.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Status King on Turulmeme

Thanks Turulmeme for your article "Facebook Status King Funny and Clever Status Updates." Most of it we can't read because it isn't in English, Spanish, or Russian--but we're glad you like Status King.

For new, creative and popular facebook statuses (currently only offered in English), click here.

Status King on Friendfeed: David Burkowitz

Thanks go out to David Burkowitz for linking to Status King on his Friendfeed. He says, "Get your Facebook Status on a tshirt via a Facebook app. Yes, for real."

Yep, we're for real. And we hit over 10,000 users this week! Click here to check out funny, clever facebook statuses.

Funniest Status of the Day-Unique

My favorite funny facebook status on Status King today:

"Carli says Always remember you're unique...just like everyone else."

Click here to see the most hiliarous and clever facebook statuses of all time.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Status King at Everything Below $29.99

Jen at Everything Below $29.99 likes Status King.

She asks, "Did you ever wish you could show your Facebook status to the whole world, even when they’re not online? Well, you can’t. But a new app takes one step forward in that direction: StatusKing brings us the Facebook Status t-shirt."

Click here for the complete article "Facebook Status T-Shirt."

Thank you Jen for blogging about us. She explains you can win a free t-shirt by submitting the most popular status, "Three chances every week," she says, "so start posting those witty words!"

To start 'posting [your] witty words' right now, click here.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Funniest Status of the Day-Virtual Chocolate

My pick for the funniest status of the day from Status King:

Click here to see the top 25 most hilarious and clever facebook statuses ever.

Status King on Food For Thought

Blake the Megalomaniac, on Food For Thought, doesn't like a lot of things about Facebook, but he recommends and enjoys the facebook application Status King.

He says, "Digging deeper into the Status King, it seems like a novel idea. Download the application (thus giving them access to your personal information), use your sharp wit to create an enlightening facebook status, and either get your friends to rig the voting for you or win honestly thus crowning you the Status King and allowing you to get a free T-shirt with your status like the one pictured above. You know we here at FFT love free T-Shirts but if you don’t think you can win, that’s all right too, because you can just upload a status and buy your shirt for $18."

For the rest of the article "Status King," click here.

Thank you Blake The Megalomaniac, we bask in your praise, and wish you the best in the Status King contest.

Blake urges you to vote for his funny status submissions. We'll leave that decision up to you, but you can click here to see the current Status King contest.

Status King on Stuart Conover

Thanks go out to Stuart Conover for mentioning Status King in his blog. His article is primarily focused on a company that makes Twitters onto t-shirts, but he mentions Status King too.
He says, "Here’s the thing, do we really need to be able to convert our tweets to shirts? Apparently TWItoShirt thinks so! OK I’ll be honest. I really am just jealous with my past work on shirt printing that I didn’t come up with the idea myself. While cashing in on a social networking site is nothing new the sheer amount of customization you can have on a shirt just from tweets is a great idea and you can’t help but applaud their creativity on making these. Sure it’s been done for Facebook (see: Status King,) it just seems like something would be more embraced by the Twitter and blogging communities."

Click here for the complete post.

We agree with Conover--the sheer amount of customization you can have on a shirt IS a great idea (we also know where this Twitter t-shirt company got their idea, and we feel complimented by them, since copying is the highest form of flattery).

Click here to see how unique and customized a Status Tee can be.

Status King Got TwitterTree'd

Thanks go out to jwag68 who linked Status King to her Tweetree. Glad Status King brightened your day enough to mention it to your friends.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Status King Protested by ShirtMouth

Not everyone likes to laugh with Status King, as exemplified by the blog ShirtMouth. This blog explains itself: "Shirtmouth is the garment deconstructionist, straight from the horse's mouth." And he does like to deconstruct. He thinks about funny facebook statuses on t-shirts and calls it "a dumb idea."

THEN...he creates a shirt: "Juan is: feeling dissappointed [sic] and alienated from the world and is waiting for a collective societal collapse, and all because he read an article re: Status king: wear your wit."

Juan, or Shirtmouth, we think you should put your paragraph onto a status tee. Instead of "wear your wit," make a "protest on your chest."

Your status tee is what YOU make it.

Funniest Status of the Day: Work

My pick for the funniest status for today:
"Ian feels like getting some work he is sitting down until the feeling passes."

Click here to check out the top 25 facebook statuses of all time.

Status King Twittered Again

Double thanks bloggeromsverige for twittering, "Amused by Status King, a Facebook app that puts your FB status update on a t-shirt :) " and for linking to us on Jaiku.

Additional thanks go out to stanleyyork for twitter linking to Status King.

Status King is happy to provide a place for your amusement. We thank all those who do the amusing, by submitting the funniest, most hilarious statuses on the net.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Funniest Status of the Day-Pardon Me

My pick for the funniest status of the day:

"Lynne says, "Pardon me, but your status is showing."

Status King Linked on Another Mashable Article

Adam Ostrow of Mashable linked to Status King yet again. Thanks Ostrow for loving us so much! Ostrow's article is about a company that is printing Tweet statuses onto shirts. In the last paragraph he mentions their similarity to Status King's funny Facebook status tees. We agree that wearing clever statuses is a great idea, and we wish them the best. Click here to read his article.

This article has been picked up on Friendfeed. And Spinvalley.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Funniest Status of the Day-Child's Face

Funniest status of the day, from Status King:

"The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face."

GadgetHeat Comments on Status King

GadgetHeat says "The Status King app lets you broadcast to world (or, more realistically, anyone within line of site of your chest), what you were doing last time you updated your Facebook status and how long ago that was."
For the rest of the article "Facebook Status Update T-shirt--Show Off Your Status," click here.

We agree Status Tees broadcast 'within line of site [sic] of your chest," but it truly is the world--we've had orders from the United Kingdom, Canada, Italy and Norway.

Thanks GadgetHeat for your comments.

Pocket-lint Has a Status King Review

Amy-Mae Elliott wrote a short summary about Status King on Pocket-lint.

Pocket-lint is in the United Kingdom and is, in their own words, "the most extensive resource for product news and reviews on the web." She links to the Mashable article and the Switched article too.

Thanks Amy-Mae for checking out Status King!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

GraphicTease Calls Status King Unique

Ryan Salsman at GraphicTease blogs about shirts and he has good things to say about Status King.

Salsman says, "Every once and awhile you stumble upon an idea that is truly unique. One of those ideas is Status King."

Thanks Salsman! See his article here.

This article was picked up on InfoPirate.
Andrew Weyman talks about Status King, categorizing it as "for web fun." See his article here.
You've got that right Weyman, Status King is all about laughs--and wearing the fun!

Switched Explains When Status King Is For You

Another Status King sighting. Dan Reilly of Switched, a weblog of interesting article links, wrote up a page about Status King.

Reilly says, "Do you constantly need to tell people what you're up to while avoiding direct communication? Do you enjoy wearing t-shirts that give off the "I have a sense of humor because I bought something funny" vibe? Are you addicted to Facebook? If you answered yes to these questions, then Status King has the t-shirt for you."

For the rest of the article, go here. Computer Finance picked up the same article as did ItSky (and thus the web ripples outward).

Thanks Reilly for the questions. Although we would expand your parameters--we think status tees and Status King is for everyone. Particularly the witty.

After all, Clever Is King.

American Promotion Marketing Advice and Status King

I occasionally write marketing pieces for American Promotions, Inc. Sometimes they're posted on the American Promotions website, and sometimes they go on eZines. Last month I wrote an article that included Status King. The article was general marketing advice for an online company, using Status King as an example.

One of the things I suggested was that when Status King shipped their status tees, they include something memorable with it, like a foam crown or a crown shaped stress toy or crown shaped rice krispy treat.

When Theron Harmon (my husband) read the article, he thought it was good advice. And he took it. Into each packaged status tee is something to eat--a Laffy Taffy. Since Status King is all about laughter and fun, I thought he made a great marketing choice.
The eZine article was picked up by BizRanking.
Nick O'Neill has added information about Status King to his site AllFacebook. AllFacebook is a division of Social Times and considers itself the unofficial source of "all things Facebook."
Nick shows general information about Status King. What's particularly interesting is the graph of our growth. Since we started on January 2, 2009, our graph shows great growth--check it out here.
My favorite funny Status King status for today:

"Bad spellers of the world, untie!"

Click here to see the current top 25 funniest Facebook statuses!

McCall Wants Twitter-tees As Well As Status Tees

Twitter is "a service for friends, family, and co–workers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing?"

It is like a simplified Facebook--but with the status update option only.

Brad McCall is on Twitter, and he likes Status King. He says, "Status King: Wear your facebook status on your T-shirt: (Is there a twitter one for this - great idea!)."

Thanks Brad! We're taking it one step at a time, but you'll be glad to know that Twittertees are definitely in our future.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Paper Girl Productions Loves Status King

Belle Perez blogs at Paper Girl Productions. She did a popular series of Facebook statuses, and so Jeffrey asked her to take a look at Status King. She loved it, wrote it up, and we gave her a free shirt because we liked it so much!

Here's what Perez said, "So this is where the fantastic fun begins! What is Status King you ask? It is a creative Facebook application that was developed and launched by a family of 6 brothers, 3 sisters, 2 parents and a bevy of spouses and children. Created during vacation brainstorming about business, politics and family goals. I mean come on, who doesn't love vacation!

It's like the King of the Hill game but for your Facebook status. Every 48 hours, a new Status King is crowned. I want a crown! If you get crowned as Status King you get a FREE T-shirt. Take a look at today's top 10 statuses here. Think you should be King? Then add the application and start playing!

Status King is easy to navigate and you can't miss where you need to Make Your Own Shirt. I was able to create my own painlessly and as you see I may really be Rainbow Brite. Of course you may be sidetracked by all the new facebook status ideas and if you fall off your chair no worries, I did the same thing laughing.

So join in the fun for Clever is King. Status King that is.

Meanwhile......Belle Perez is Rainbow Brite.

For the ones who have missed my Status Idea Series when the creativity has fallen into a coffee cup, be sure to check them out below. If you use them at Status King and are crowned Status King, I would LOVE to know!"

Sour Grapes Wishes He Thought Of Status King First

Friendfeed is a social networking website, helping people " discover and discuss interesting stuff that your friends and family find on the web."

This Friendfeed user, Jeremy Peronto, says, "Have you guys seen this ridiculous Status King FB application that allows you to make tees out of your status updates? Wish I had though [sic] of it."

By his tone you'd think he hated the idea. The irony is, he creates a shirt that I think he'd actually wear.

Speech is free, and for a small price, you can wear your protest on your chest.

Status King on Cottonable Blog

The Cottonable blog is focused on T-shirt design and trends.

They wrote up a nice article on Status King that I've reproduced below. If you want to see the actual article click here. Cottonable says, "Facebook is pretty ubiquitous these days- chances are that if you're on the internet at all, you have a page and your contacts include friends, family, and even co-workers. At 150,000,000+ members, admitting that you're not on it is tantamount to being Amish.

So it's no wonder that some t-shirt entrepreneurs are taking their businesses right to those masses- and Status King has hit upon a particular niche that should hit home with heavy users of the site. Their Facebook application allows users to proudly wear their Facebook status (or someone else's) as a tee.

Even if your wittiness doesn't extend to coming up with wearable status updates, you'll still find something to do with Status King. They have a contest where you can either enter your best status update (winner gets their tee free) or vote on what other people have come up with. So far the all-time high-scorer is this gem: "Sarah used to play sports. Then she realized you can buy trophies. Now she's good at everything." Think you can do better?"

Status King on Mashable and more...

Mashable is a blog that tries to be the first to report on upcoming trends. Adam Ostrow really got it right this time when he wrote an article on Status King. This article "Get Facebook Status Updates on T-Shirts" has been linked all over the place and was on the top ten Mashable articles of the week list. Ostrow even created a t-shirt for himself saying, "Adam is ready for the weekend."
Here is a second Mashable article, by Pete Cashmore, that refers (at the end) to the first one. A TechWeb blog article, by yudhi, picked up the Cashmore article. Both of them ended with the words, "Tumblr users are known to post many images, and are experienced with adding scripts to their sites. And with services now offering to print your Facebook status on a t-shirt, turning Tumblelogs into T-shirt stores doesn’t sound that far-fetched." Also picked up by Kwink.

It's amazing how one article can lead to another and another---influencing over a thousand people in a few hours to take a look at Status King. So begins an avalanche.

The Mashable article also seen at Blogowogo. And at Rssmeme. And at Computer & Internet. And Techscoop. And Tsurch. And Business Exchange. And Blogscooper. And Bloglog. And Techblips. And Nobosh. And Regator. And KevinDonahue. And Stories And More. And Scriptdiddy. And iNezha. And Techworlds. And Twitterly. And Birdshirts.